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The Most Wagged About Dog Life Jackets For Your Dog

Our eDog Dougie Welcomes you to eDog Life Jacket where "e" means excellent !

Dog life jackets, dog jackets, dog sweaters, waterproof dog coats and more!  A warm welcome to eDog Life Jacket from Dougie the westie who is our own very much loved eDog!  The “e” is for all the excellent, exciting doggy products we have found for dogs and dog lovers.  eDog offers dog life jackets for dogs who are lucky enough to go on canal holidays, walks by the river or cruising on a loch, playing, swimming and having a great time in the water!

Dougie has had his Outward Hound dog life jacket for a few years and it has turned out to be a bestseller now and whether your dog is tiny, small or really big, there is a size for them.  Dougie has a little friend with a simply stunning pink camo EzyDog designer dog life jacket which eDog loves.

Hector in his dog life jacket having great fun!

Hector in his dog life jacket having great fun!

Is a dog life jacket really necessary?

Can’t all dogs swim?  This is a common question and if you’re not sure about whether your dog really needs one – we’ve put together some information for you, facts and real life experiences that other dog owners have kindly shared with us about dog life jackets.

We only recommend the safest and  best dog life jackets, and we cater for all size dogs including tiny/puppy life jackets and large dog life jackets, such as the designer Sea dog life jackets by Ezydog.

If you are taking your dog on a boat, we have some tips for you, from our own experience if you’re new to this.  It is great fun to have your dog along but there are some important considerations and safety issues to solve before the trip, especially kitting your dog out with a well-fitting, comfy dog life vest.

Pawz waterproof dog coat with built-in harness

Pawz waterproof dog coat with built-in harness

For outdoor dogs who go hiking, fishing or other outdoor activities, we’ve sourced dog jacketswaterproof dog coats and dog raincoats so your dog can stay dry and warm when the weather is bad but still enjoy a walk and fresh air fun!  The Pawz IZ waterproof dog coats are amongst the best, having a built-in harness – now available for our four-legged friends in the UK!

Ezydog dog jackets are so up-to-the-minute – we love this fashionable camo green dog jacket which is fleece-lined and even has side zipped pockets for those essentials when out for hikes, like treats (and water)!!  Read about our top waterproof dog coats.

We have our own eDog Life Jacket Shop at Amazon UK where you can get the best prices, products arranged in categories and sizes with proper sizing information too.  One shopping basket and secure check-out.

For small dogs we have our own designer eDog Boutique where you can shop for small dog clothes, in your own currency and have goods delivered worldwide.  Our designer small dog clothes and accessories are of the highest quality and easy on the purse.

Ezydog green camo dog jacket

Ezydog green camo dog jacket- click pic to read our review

Cute dog sweaters for small and large dogs

Cute dog sweaters for small and large dogs - click to read about the latest and best dog sweaters

When it’s time for outdoor dogs to come inside with their four muddy paws, we’ve solved the clean-up problem with a choice of super-absorbant dog towels to make life easier.  Cute dog sweaters and hoodies have been selected for quality, comfort and good looks for your dog whilst keeping them snug and warm after a fun-filled, tiring day outside.

Talking about keeping warm, every dog needs a dog blanket, for comfort and snuggling up in, check out our cute but practical range of dog blankets and at the end of everyday, dogs like to sleep sound in their own beds – read our review of the latest and best dog beds for all size dogs.

Dog blankets

eDog Dougie now gets his Mum making gourmet dog treats and homemade dog food, check out this great collection of recipes for homemade healthy dog treats and homemade dog food and there’s also a lovely set of dog and bone shaped cookie cutters to help you get fun shapes for fido!

We only recommend doggy products that we use ourselves or know to be good from customer feedback – we want our customers to be really pleased with their purchases and therefore return!  We update the shop every week with exciting new items.  We welcome feedback, please feel free to leave comments and contact us – and if you’ve bought something your dog loves and want to share doggy photos we’d love to put them on the site – just attach them in an email to us at